who we are


We are intent on engaging the varied intersections of faith and the arts, through honest, grace-filled dialogue. Dropping the “mission, vision, values” speak, this means that we want to look at art (in all its forms) through the eyes of Christ.  And we want Christ to transform us through what we see.  This will involve wrestling, wondering, and worshiping in ways that we don’t always understand and can’t tie up neatly with a theological bow.

It is simply how we partake in making things new.

We are about more than just a body of online writing, however. We are a community of artists, with a variety of interests and a thirst to create and understand other artist’s creations. The legacy we intend to leave is that of faithful artists, serving the church and the world, proclaiming the Gospel through what we create.

Interested in contributing? Check out what we write. Then contact us at madenewblog@gmail.com, with a short bio and an article of your choosing.


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