We believe in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Word, the God-Man, who unites Heaven and Earth, God and Humankind through His sacrificial love.  He makes all things new.

We believe that creating is an act of worship, rooted in God the Creator and Author of Life, an evidence of the image of God in man. We get to partake in His regenerative mission.

We believe that answers ultimately lie in the Word of God, lives of prayer, the communion of the local church, and the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and lives.  We will start our conversations as far afield as God leads, but they will always circle back to this.

We believe that artists live in the question, in the bentness of our fallen world.  We write to wrestle, as a method of listening and discussion, to carefully weigh the melee of culture surrounding us.

We believe in the creative power of words, to encourage and uplift, to wound and heal, to satisfy and nourish, to exhort and rebuke.  We are here to engage in honest, gracious dialogue with both believers and non-believers in Christ, the Word.

We believe that art is an external representation of an internal reality – a mirror of the souls of humankind and, where it reflects beauty, of essence of Divinity.  Truth cannot be fully suppressed, and all truth/beauty is indeed God’s truth/beauty.

We believe that art always communicates, particularly in the silence between listening to it and reacting to it.

We believe that God likes to create through the simple and mundane stuff of everyday life. We embrace art that takes hard work, behind-the-scenes artistic disciplines and ideas, and unsensational and overlooked creative streams.

We believe that creative streams in the church should be rooted in truth, designed for encouragement and worship of the body, accessible to all, integrated, selfless, and designed to stretch the family of God.

In essentials, unity.  In non-essentials, charity.  In all things, love.